Navy Yard shooting

Today I was at the D/FW Airport attempting to exit but couldn’t offer the booth $2 because I don’t have any stickers. Just yesterday when I arrived from leaving home I heard about the Washington Massacre which happened at the Naval Station or “Yard” as some may call it right before entering the access control office to obtain a security clearance badge. I don’t have any money this is just an attempt to pay off a bill which is owed to Mastercard, since I was the only person watching from Terminal D a woman stopped by to tell me that “there is always something happening” but I didn’t want to hold a conversation I had to be there tuesday @2pm not monday. Yesterday was just one crazy morning I was seated at the traffic light nearby where I stay at and as soon as I get on the highway I see smoke coming from the tailpipe of this one car I really didn’t hear music it’s in the morning i’m running the errand. Until like I got to hear what happened in DC something happened a few passengers walking by, unlike the police officers going behind a certain lady 2 cop cars Samsung showing CNN some cars pumping gas i’m not at home i’m at the aiport gone towards the south exit not concerned about Asian. So I want to ask does everything have to be so complicated I didn’t bother asking the passengers any more questions because i’m over here watching the television some cops following me though I suppose they were searching for weapons. I was running short of breath maybe because I had gone past a middle school where kids walk normally standing outside early morning rush hour. Just without the traffic some cars on the road I feel sleepy some convo and music otherwise I needed to get this complete before Business ends. I left but it’s like everytime i’m leaving them their giving me a hard time with the questions about money, so I kinda got offended by them because the dude asked for my driving license and i’m unable to cough out $4.

After I was done speaking to the office the lady called and told me about the process I had left her desk to go past the Avianca offices door it’s clearly midday and the television is showing something different from the previous episode so I didn’t watch the entire clip but missed the International news.


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