ESPA, Riga

ESPA, Riga

I just found this article from someone who went and got her massage in Europe. I was looking around and saw something about it if interested with the Alexander technique massage aroma therapy experience, there’s a close shop in my community offering it arm, neck and down to my lower back. From a woman’s point of view it’s funny or naughty but I think people giving out instruct you to run for water, pillow’s a massage is extra difficult to give because of the fact that it’s like one yoga on a carpet experience. Sometime while walking to the mall I turned around to notice this man/woman or asian bodywork, the look on his face made me understand how difficult it is to make a living especially indoors at the mall a home biz. I guess if your in the same situation and have become sore from all the walking around window shopping you could ask for it. While sitting down I have often had to adjust my body by wearing material shirts just to get to where I am going it’s uncomfortable, I was alone anyway it looks cool no need to dive any deeper.


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