Status Update

Greetings, I am very sorry the blog suffered some downtime I wasn’t able to update because I am having issues using the new Lenovo notebook I don’t seem to be able to use it like I should. I can sometimes be getting out of bed and missing the newspaper feeds, it doesn’t even let me tweet sometimes no power, I experience plenty of power outages it cannot just power up and be available ready. So I also got some sad news to share I have been trying to get a job hired since a long time ago, I can recall the person who hired me told me I missed training and that I couldn’t work. So I left the first training class only to have to decide whether I would be either off or a show. I was given days off but don’t think it would be necessary being at two places at the same time, so I called them on the days they scheduled me to take off and I just couldn’t believe what I was told. The trainee after the first meeting explained to me that I missed training and would have to close off the conversation, so I asked why they did this to me? I thought they class was over and to my surprise they say it’s unfinished and needed to be completed. So I take it he was going to call me back to schedule another meeting, it happened during the On the Run tour which made it’s stop that day. I drove back home but didn’t go to the concert I seem to think, after the first training class there would be no meetings just going to work. I also lost my BlogSpot accounts it’s no longer functioning I was doing many things online to make money, but because a hacker can get people to “get jealous” i’m not able to use Tumblr & Blogger i’m at home waiting to find a job basically out of cash. I just logged into after locating the password please don’t get upset thank you.


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