Marquesas Islands: The remote, fabled and little-visited islands of Tahiti

Stuff.Co.Nz – Interesting article about this place which I just found while online, I would like to travel to such a place but at the moment it’s like impossible why? I guess because I don’t like to wear beach shorts I dunno. Anytime you want to go somewhere for a good time these obstacles get placed along the way it’s not hard. Some just look at it like it’s cool but getting your stuff together sitting down to think about it then, making arrangements finding the location on a map etc. Anyone can crowd the beach in conclusion it’s not going to be easy traveling to those areas although I would rather try doing what them elite cats are doing to our economy, I like to own a yacht next to the rock nice view see ya.

Like I said I would be interested in going to such a place Marquesas. I’ve run into people who talk about travelling thru the India, The Mediterranean, Brazil, Ghana, Spain etc. Not to show off or anything isn’t this supposed to be for family and not for executives out to sit at the bar and ignore or hate other tourists, in fact by taking a 20 minute hike thru the village in French Polynesia goes to show how ignorant an individual can be while observing locals. I never been to Tahiti or any of the Dutch Islands as far as I know the french like to do it a certain way it’s the main reason you see commercials and want to go dance with the Hawaiian; yet don’t seem to want to introduce oneself thru talk to a person from Cape Town, South Africa and/or French Polynesia.

Finally, I cannot go and would like to be seen all dressed up in a nice knit t-shirt but having fun maybe does have it’s limits hense when you’ve got no clue. About the bar and restaurant, don’t know much about Bohemia or Colombo, the Mexican Gulf, Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Portugal, Asians etc. They tell me all the time their on the way best thing to do is just avoid making a disturbance expect the unexpected go to the travel agent at the airline counter and ask for advice.


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